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Guaranteed to Work - Even if you have a TINY, Non-Responsive "Free Loader" List who've NEVER Bought a Single Thing of You Before


Look, I’m not going to BS you or bore you with my “rag to riches” story like everyone else does, because let’s face it…

…Me and you both have heard it a million times over and I don’t know about you but I’d rather just get straight down to brass tacks.

So what I’ve decided to do is skip all the smoke and mirrors crap you see everyone else do and just tell you what I’ve got and what it’ll do for you.

So that said and done… Here’s what I’ve got:

For The Past Year, I’ve Done a Complete 180˚ In My Email Marketing That Has Literally…

…Took me from making a few MEASLY commissions a day… Right up to making multiple $10,000 – $20,000+ paydays every single month without fail:

You can see what I mean here:


And before you ask…

This was – and still is – with a tiny list of “free loaders” subscribers who’ve NEVER bought a damn thing of me… Ever.

And don’t worry – this involves ZERO spamming or the hard sellin’ tactics you see everyone else do. In fact, when you do what I’m about to show you…

…you email less (a lot less, in fact) and it turns your subscribers into RAVING FANS that will literally BEG to buy your stuff – whether it’s affiliate offers or your own product or services… Basically absolutely anything AND everything you have to offer.

Pretty Sweet… And You Probably Want In On My Little Secret, Right?

Well you’re in for a treat because I’m going to show you how to do this on this very page in just a moment, but before I do…

…I want to quickly tell you why what you’re doing is wrong, why it isn’t working and how you can fix it in just a couple minutes from now so you too can start making multiple $10,000+ paydays JUST 30 days from now…

…Regardless how small, unresponsive or burned out your list is 🙂

Look, This Is EXACTLY What You’re Doing Wrong…

Let’s face it, you’re not making as much money from email marketing as you want.

It’s okay, I totally understand. In fact, I was once in the shoes you’re standing in right now.

The thing is, we’re lead to believe you build your list, mail offers and, BOOM… You make money

But as I found out and what you’re seeing right now… It ain’t quite like that is it. In fact, what we’re lead to believe just doesn’t work and there’s a damn good reason for that…

The reason why people spread this rumour if like it was written in stone is because – at some point – It was true

Many aeons ago, you could just blast out an email and watch the commissions roll in.

It didn’t matter if your email was poorly written or whatever offer you promoted… You was guaranteed to make money… And LOTS of it too.

But these days… It’s very different story.

Whether You Like It Or Not, The Scary Truth Of Email Marketing Is This…

For starters, the competition FIERCER and more AGGRESSIVE than ever before, with hundreds of new marketers enrolling everyday – hungry and more determined than ever before to get their cut of the ever-shrinking email marketing pie.

And the second reason, The hundreds of thousands of marketers, plus the hundreds of new “recruits” enrolling everyday all have one thing in common…

…They’re all using the EXACT SAME strategies and methods you’re using right now when it comes to email marketing.

Sure, these strategies and methods are tried and battle tested.. But they’re also over-saturated and ineffective now 

Especially as hundreds of thousands of marketers are literally hammering the crap out of their email lists everyday using the same TIRED old methods you’re using right now.

But What if I Told You Can Actually Spin It in Your Favour RIGHT NOW & Start Making Multiple $10,000 – $20,000+ Paydays WITHIN 30 Days from Now?

…Regardless of your list size or how burned out and unresponsive it is?

Don’t believe me, then let me SHARE this little secret with you…

You see, there’s a MASSIVE opportunity in the email marketing space right now. Yet nobody can see it, let alone taking advantage of it… Not even the top-tier marketers and Gurus.

But what makes this “opportunity” truly unique is that the more the competition grows… The MORE money you make doing this!

And as you can imagine, there’s A LOT of competition out there and with no one doing this… It’s getting EASIER and EASIER to make multiple $10,000+ paydays every single month… 

But Listen Up Because There’s a Catch To This, and That Is…

You see, even though this opportunity is getting bigger and easier by the day… You MUST go about it in a certain way.

Otherwise, it can have the opposite effect and actually turn your list against you and as a result, make you even LESS than what you’re making right now.

And trust me, I’ve seen this again and again – especially when I’ve seen other marketers try to reverse-engineer what I do, and boy do they screw up…

Some of them even ruined their relationship with their lists so bad, they had to bin their entire list and start from scratch again.

Seriously… It was THAT bad.

But as you’re a loyal subscriber, I don’t want you to go through the pain of spending months of  reverse-engineering of what I do and ultimately fail in the process.

…And I definitely don’t want you to permanently damage your relationship with your list like others have – that’s a definite no, no in my book.

So What I’ve Decided to do is to Actually Walk You Through the Entire Process Right Now so You Too can have Your Very First $10,000+ Payday in as Little as 30 Days From Now

And like I said – it doesn’t matter how small, unresponsive or burned out your list is – Just follow my simple instructions then watch the money roll in as early as 30 days from now… It’s that easy.

In fact, I’ve turned it into a complete “step by step” money making system that any email marketer can use right of the bat to make multiple massive paydays a month.

In fact, it’s something I like to call…

Jackpot Paydays

In Jackpot Paydays I give you the exact system I’ve been secretly using to cash in big time to rake in crazy numbers like $10,000 – $20,000 multiple times a month without fail.

And it doesn’t matter if your list is tiny, non-responsive or suffering from extreme burn out…

…In Jackpot Paydays I’ll Show You How To Rejuvenate Your List INSTANTLY and Start Making MASSIVE Paydays in as Little as 30 Days From Now.

In fact, the first time I did this, I had a list of just 2024 subscribers who’d NEVER bought a single thing of me before. Yet when I tried out the “ghetto” version of Jackpot Paydays… I made $11,176.41 in just 1 day.


And if you think that was a fluke…

Exactly 60 days later, I ran a “tweaked” version of the Jackpot Paydays system again. End result? I pulled in a staggering $29,316.24 in JUST 7 days.


I could go on but I think you get the point – Jackpot Paydays just plain works and consistently delivers again and again for any email marketer who uses it.

…And this is EXACTLY what I want to show you today so you too can start cranking out multiple $10,000+ paydays QUICKLY and EASILY in as little as 30 days from now.

Let Me Show You What’s Inside The Jackpot Paydays System…

I’m going to lay my cards on the table and be completely transparent with you, so you know EXACTLY what you’re getting when you get access to the Jackpot Payday system today.

I’ve broken everything down into 7 easy-to-follow modules so anyone – regardless of experience – start implementing the Jackpot Paydays system for IMMEDIATE results.

These being:

The “Perfect Prospect” Module Will Show You:
  • You’ll discover a wildly profitable segment of your list I KNOW you’re not targeting – but once tapped into – they will buy anything and everything you’ve got offer WITHOUT hesitation (You’ll see why and how to tap into it once inside).
  • I’ll show you how to get in your perfect prospect’s mind on such a deep level… They’ll literally throw thousands at you because they’re so ADAMANT only you can fix their problems).
  • A simple “4 minute” exercise anyone can do – regardless of experience – that will hone your entire marketing around your perfect prospect (Tailor your marketing around these guys and you’re guaranteed to make a HUGE avalanche of cash every time you mail).
The “Content Factory” Module Will Show You:
  • Discover a easy-to-implement 3 step process whenever you’re creating content that will INSTANTLY position you as an authority in your subscriber’s eyes… All without you ever saying it.
  • This silly little mistake I guarantee you’re making right now when you’re creating content that will double your bottom line instantly (Not only did it DOUBLED my business… But it only took 2 minutes to do too).
  • How to create content that will whip your subscribers into an absolute buying hysteria and make them blindly buy anything and EVERYTHING you’ve got to offer – No matter the price.
  • I’ll take you through my 12 step formula on how to quickly turn your content as a fully fledged high ticket product (You’ll get to charge A LOT more than your competition while crushing them in the process).
  • The one simple “tweak” you can make right now to your email marketing that’ll finally flip your income from pennies, to making $10,000+ paydays in just 30 days from now (this is mind-numbingly easy to do and I’m surprised no one else is doing it).
The “Story Telling” Module Will Show You:
  • A powerful formula to creating extremely profitable stories on the fly that resinate with your subscribers on such a core level… It compels them to take MASSIVE action and invest in whatever you have to offer (First time I did this, I pulled in $9.325,64 in 1 day using this story telling trick).
  • You’ll also discover my secret 6 step story telling blueprint that’s so POWERFUL… It makes your subscribers subconsciously think the story is all about them (Expect massive windfalls of cash every time you implement it).
  • Why being pushy, obnoxious and using tons of scarcity in story telling is the WORSE thing you can do and what you should be really doing (This will blow your mind as it goes against everything we’re taught but it’ll make perfect sense when you see it).
  • I show you firsthand me implementing 6 step story telling blueprint in my own business so you can literally copy it in your own business to start pulling 5 figure plus paydays as QUICKLY as 7 days from now.
The “Raving Fans” Module Will Show You:
  • Why “hard selling” is a complete waste of time in your marketing (despite what everyone else is doing) and what you should be really focusing on that will turn your subscribers into RAVING FANS that will throw their hard-earned cash at you.
  • I’ll reveal how you can get “cult like” status with your list so they consciously elect you as their leader and once again snap up every single thing you have to offer without hesitation.
  • I’ll show you how to sell A LOT more while emailing A LOT less… All without ever been pushy, forceful and hypey (Your subscribers will LOVE you for this too).
  • You’ll see how to build up so much goodwill (all without ever giving a SINGLE piece of content away) that’ll send your subscriber’s into a BUYING FRENZY and INSTANTLY snap up everything you’ve got to offer.
  • I’ll share how to control your list’s emotions so they only think positive thoughts about you and whatever you have to offer (It’s Hollywood’s MOST powerful secret and I show you how to work it in your favour to make $10,000+ paydays every month from your list without fail).
  • Why trying to position yourself as expert/professional/authority to your list is the ABSOLUTE WORSE thing you can do and what you should be doing instead (This is kinda shocking but it works like gangbusters).
  • How to make your subscribers despise every single one of your competitors and turn to you as their ONLY saviour (You won’t even have to say a bad word about anyone – your subscribers will do it all themselves)
  • You’ll see how to plant a seed in your subscriber’s sub-conscious – making them believe they came to that conclusion themselves (This is very powerful and I’ll show you can use it to rake in thousands in a matter of days).
The “Campaign Blueprint” Module Will Show You:
  • I’ll show you how to “Shock & Awe” your list so it FORCES them to sit up and pay attention to what you’ve got to offer (Once you deploy this – your list will be hooked from this point onwards… You’ll see why and how once inside).
  • You’ll learn how to build so much trust with your list, they’ll feel like they’ve known you PERSONALLY for years… And it’s all because of this one simple trick I share in the Jackpot Paydays system.
  • I’ll show you how to crush doubt and hesitation with your list in seconds… All without saying or doing a single thing (Your conversions and EPC will go through the roof after doing this).
  • I’ll reveal the “Stealth Sell” method where your subscribers think you’re amazing as you come across totally honest and transparent, while making your competitors look really bad in process (But what’s really happening is that you’re quietly selling to them – building massive amounts of desire for whatever you’re promoting… Sneaky stuff, indeed).
  • I’ll share a neat little trick I like to call the “PLB” method. Only takes minutes to do but the payoff is massive. In fact, last time I did it, I made $7,853,29 in 1 day of a TINY list of non-buyers… Not bad for only 10 minute’s work, huh.
  • This one I like to call the “Final Squeeze” and it makes your subscribers go into an uncontrollable buying frenzy using this undiscovered technique that we as humans are “hardwired” to respond to (WARNING: please only use this method with caution and ethical marketing… I would hate this to get into the wrong hands and be use for bad as it’s that powerful).
The “Case Study” Module Will Show You:

In this module I’m going to walk you through a case-study where you can see me implementing the Jackpot Paydays system first-hand on my own list.

You really need to see this because not only is this done on a tiny list of 2024 of subscribers who’ve NEVER bought a damn thing of me ever before, and I end up pulling over $11,176.41 in JUST 1 day (And over $2000 throughout the rest of the week too)…

…But also I give you every single email swipe I used in the case-study so you can literally copy & paste and run this on your own list and start profiting almost instantly.

But if you think that’s all the case-study has to offer… Then think again because I also share additional hints, tips and strategies that some consider even more powerful and profitable than the ones I’ve mentioned already.

Some Of These Additional Strategies You’ll Be Learning Are:

  • I share a strategy I discovered in the Seduction market that builds up so much desire for your offer, you’ll have your subscribers emailing you in their droves, literally begging and screaming to sell them your offer right now (Expect to get A LOT of emails from your subscribers after implementing this).
  • You’ll learn how to implement the “Rooter” method and this INSTANTLY destroys any hesitation your subscribers may have about buying your offer (Expect EPCs and conversions to go through the roof after adding this this to your campaigns).
  • I’ll show how to inject the “Rollercoaster” technique into your Jackpot Paydays campaigns as this will keep your subscribers hanging on the edge of their seats eagerly waiting for your next email (I shared this with one friend and he ended up getting 80%+ open rates on his emails afterwards… Powerful stuff, indeed). 
Bonus: The “Screw Ups” Module:

Now even though I ended up pulling in $11,176.41 in just 1 day from a tiny list of 2024 subscriber’s who’ve never bought anything from previously, believe me, I screwed up… I screwed up a lot, in fact.

So what I’ve decided to do is throw in an additional module completely FREE where I share 5 screw ups I made myself so after going through this case-study…

…You’ll be able to avoid these silly little mistakes I made and as result, add literally thousands to your bottom line when implementing the Jackpot Paydays formula to your own list.

These being: 

  • This one stupid mistake cost me THOUSANDS and to think I now know how to fix this one little hiccup WITHIN minutes…. I’m literally kicking myself looking back. I’ll show you what it was and how you can avoid making this silly little mistake I made by getting someone else doing all the grunt work for you.
  • Adding this 1 little trick has increased my other campaign’s bottom line by 50% to 70%… And this was every single time too. So don’t make the same mistake I did because you’ll be leaving thousands on the table and it only takes minutes to setup too.
  • When I did this in my later Jackpot Paydays campaigns, I literally doubled my profits INSTANTLY making this one change that took 2 minutes to setup… I’ll show you what I did so you too can DOUBLE your profits with just a couple of minute’s work.
  • Not everyone going to want to do this and it was the main reason why I held off too. But when did it, I realised it I was worried about nothing and as a result, inspired more trust with my list and DRAMATICALLY increased all my future campaign’s conversions  in the process too.
  • Wow, I really dropped the ball on this and I guarantee I lost thousands in that case-study as a result. This was all down to laziness so I’ll show you what I did so you can avoid making the same mistake.

So as you can see, Jackpot Paydays is an incredibly powerful system that you – or any email marketer for that matter – can use right now to start pulling multiple $10,000+ paydays in as little as 30 days from now… Despite how small, burned out or unresponsive your list is.

In fact, you can see the results Gavin Stephenson got after implementing the methods taught in the Jackpot Paydays to his tiny list right here:


But the fact is… I’m only scratching of what’s inside the Jackpot Paydays system, because once inside, I share even more powerful strategies and methods… But I want to keep them as a surprise when you get access to it today.

But before you jump in with both feet…

I Have to be Totally Honest with You…

As powerful and profitable as the Jackpot Paydays system is – believe me – it’s not for everyone… Seriously, it’s not.

First up, Jackpot Paydays is for advance marketers only. This is not to say the Jackpot Paydays system is hard.

In fact, Jackpot Pays is very easy to implement as I walk you step by step through the entire process, but here’s the thing…

I don’t cover the basics.

So if you don’t know how to build a squeeze page, upload files to your server or even have an email list for that matter… Then I’m afraid this is not for you.

Jackpot Paydays will assume you know all this and as a result, allows me to get straight to the meat and teach you the stuff that actually matters, you know… The stuff that actually makes you multiple $10,000+ paydays a month.

I just want to lay my cards on the table and be totally upfront with you because when you grab Jackpot Paydays and you’re not in the position to use it i.e. you don’t have have a list and/or you don’t know how to build basic squeeze pages and stuff like that… Then you may struggle with Jackpot Paydays system.

Still here? Okay, cool… 

Obviously, in the position to use the Jackpot Paydays system and you want to know how to make multiple $10,000+ as soon as 30 days from now.

And who doesn’t, right.

So The Question on Your Lips Must Be… How Much?

Well I thought long and hard about this – and providing you qualify – the sky’s the limit how much you can earn from using the Jackpot Paydays system.

I mean, I could quite easily charge $2000 – and providing your implemented it – you would have no problem whatsoever recouping the cost of the course in as little as 30 days from now.

Heck, not only would you EASILY recoup the cost of the course, but you would make thousands on top within that 30 day period too.

So yeah, $2000 to get access to the Jackpot Payday system would be a no-brainer, right.

But here’s the thing. The people who truly need it… Can’t afford $2000 to get access… Even if they can quite easily recoup AND profit within 30 days of implementing the Jackpot Paydays formula.

So I figured I’d slash the price by half, bringing the price to $997, and to be honest, getting access at this price is an absolute steel. I mean, you can quite easily make 10X more than that within 30 days from now… Regardless how small or unresponsive your list is.

Even copywriter veteran, Victor Edson, with 10+ years plus of marketing online agrees it would be an absolute steel at that price too…

But I thought it still priced out a lot of people who actually needs this. So to help the little guy out…

…For a limited time, I’m going to allow access to the entire Jackpot Paydays system for the one time fee of… $297.

Yup, you read right. You get the entire system where I walk you through, step by step on how you too you will make multiple $10,000+ paydays in as little as 30 days from now for the low, low price of just $297.

So to get instant access to the member’s area, simply hit the order button and I’ll see you on the inside 🙂


  •  INSTANT ACCESS: to the FULL Jackpot Paydays Formula that will take you by the hand and show you how to make multiple $10,000+ paydays… Even if you have a tiny unresponsive list that’s suffering from extreme burn out.
  • INSTANT ACCESS: to the EXACT SAME methods that not only James has put through the ringer time and time again to make MASSIVE paydays again and again with incredible EASE… But has also proven to work for everyone else who has implemented system with HUGE $10,000+ paydays of their own.
  •  INSTANT ACCESS: to easy-to-follow step by step video training that will literally take you by the hand and walk you through the entire process so you can have your very first $10,000+ payday in as little as 30 days from now without breaking a sweat.

Regular Price $997 Today $297

Once payment is made – Your login details will be mailed to your email address connected to your Paypal account. From there, you will be able to login and start implementing the Jackpot Paydays system instantly.

But Hurry – Jackpot Paydays Won’t Be Available For Much Longer. Here’s why…

Look, I hate to be the bringer of bad news but…

…I can only release so many copies of the Jackpot Paydays system.

Here’s why:

You’re probably thinking it’s some scarcity tactic you see everyone else doing but the fact is…

…With this being a NEW system that uses NEW methods nobody else on this planet is using…

…Then to keep the effectiveness of the course… I have to seriously limit the numbers.

Think about it, if everybody was doing what I’m about to show you inside the Jackpot Paydays system… Do you think it would still be effective?

Obviously not, and this is why I’ve decided to limit access to the first 100 people who get in.

After that, I’m pulling the plug. And once that plug is pulled… I’ll never release Jackpot Paydays ever again at any price.

And although I don’t have a big list myself and and there’s no affiliates promoting Jackpot Paydays…

…I’ve had 849 people who’ve personally contacted me over the last 7 days who are extremely passionate about getting access to the Jackpot Paydays system.

And most of the 849 have have assumed this is a $2000 course too… So imagine when they find out it’s going for a tiny fraction of that?

Yes, exactly. This is why if you want in, then the worse thing you can do right now… Is to hesitate.

Delaying it just by an hour could risk you coming back to a “Expired” page.

And once you see that page, then I’m afraid, you’ll never get another chance… Ever again at any price.

So if you want in, act now to secure your place by clicking on the order button below.


  •  INSTANT ACCESS: to the FULL Jackpot Paydays Formula that will take you by the hand and show you how to make multiple $10,000+ paydays… Even if you have a tiny unresponsive list that’s suffering from extreme burn out.
  • INSTANT ACCESS: to the EXACT SAME methods that not only James has put through the ringer time and time again to make MASSIVE paydays again and again with incredible EASE… But has also proven to work for everyone else who has implemented system with HUGE $10,000+ paydays of their own.
  •  INSTANT ACCESS: to easy-to-follow step by step video training that will literally take you by the hand and walk you through the entire process so you can have your very first $10,000+ payday in as little as 30 days from now without breaking a sweat.

Regular Price $997 Today $297

Once payment is made – Your login details will be mailed to your email address connected to your Paypal account. From there, you will be able to login and start implementing the Jackpot Paydays system instantly.

See you inside 🙂

James Scholes






P.S. If you’re serious about email marketing and you want to finally discover how to make multiple $10,000+ paydays within 30 days from now… Then Jackpot Paydays is for you.

And doesn’t matter if your list is tiny, unresponsive or suffering from severe burnout..

…I’ll show you how to INSTANTLY rejuvenate your list and start cranking out those massive paydays QUICKLY and EASILY in just 30 days from now.


P.S.S. But look, due to the power and the profitability of the Jackpot Paydays… I seriously have to limit the numbers.

Even though I have a small list myself and there’s no affiliates promoting Jackpot Paydays…

…849 people on my list have expressed an extremely deep desire to get access to Jackpot Paydays – No matter the cost.

And with Jackpot Paydays being the fraction of the price every one expected… I reckon those 100 copies to be snapped up within hours of me opening the cart.

So please – if you want this – act now because once all 100 copies are snapped up, you will NEVER have another chance to get Jackpot Paydays ever again.